BlastIR Wireless Pro IR Repeater, By Sewell

Remote Control Extender Kit (IR Emitter and Receiver)

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ETA: 9/18/2018

"The entire process was perfect - good price, good quality, good service, quick delivery."


Here's How It Works

Control any IR device from a distance. This could include but is not limited to:

  • Blu-Ray Players (Sony, LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Yamaha)
  • Cable and DVR Boxes (U-Verse, Dish VIP, Fios, Xfinity, DirecTV, Motorola, Cisco, Optimum, TIVO)
  • AV Receivers (Denon, Sony, Onkyo, Yamaha, Samsung, Bose, LG, Marantz)
  • Logitech Harmony Hub and Universal Remotes
  • Anything else that requires an IR signal! If your device does not work, let us know which device and we will pay for any return shipping.

The Best Compatibility and Accessories

Our BlastIR Wireless Pro supports the best compatibility on the market. You may see many other similar products but do not be fooled. Our product has been improved beyond the competition. Only our product will have the compatibility and the accessories that you need. We include USB and AC power cables, extra IR cables, and mounting adhesive. We have eliminated the need to worry about if this will work with your setup. The BlastIR Wireless Pro simply works and other kits will not be as complete as ours.

Ir Applications

Multizone Control

The BlastIR Wireless Pro supports up to 10 zones with independent sending/receiving frequencies. (kind of like different channels on a walkie-talkie or radio). You can change the zone by using a very small rotating switch located at the bottom of the receiver and emitter pucks. It might be hard to see, but luckily you should only have to change each piece once to get it to the right zone.

You can also purchase individual additional Emitters, or Receivers. Just in case if you do not need another full pair.


The system also gives you the option of using any number of transmitters or receivers on any given zone. This gives you complete freedom of choice for where your displays and devices can be placed without having to complicate your setup. The BlastIR Wireless Pro Receivers will only communicate with the BlastIR Wireless Pro Emitters that are set to the same zone.

Channels System

Grab a Battery Pack if you would like to make the BlastIR Wiress even more wireless.

Battery Pack

Note: If you happen to own the classic BlastIR Wireless, this product will also work with it. Zone 0 on the Pro will allow IR signals to be sent between the Pro and classic versions.

Banner for IR Classic

Incompatibility List

We are always working on increasing the number of devices this product can work with. This list may change over time as we improve the product

  • Yamaha HTR 6140
  • Arris DCX 3520E-M


If you already have a BlastIR Wireless PRO and need help setting it up, watch this video. Also feel free to call us and we'll help you set it up over the phone.


Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-32988


  • IR by Sewell


  • Wireless Distance: 200m (650ft), distance may vary due to obstacles
  • IR Receiver Distance: 7m (30ft)
  • IR Frequency: 20-60Khz
  • RF Frequency: 915Mhz
  • Wirelessly communicates in the 915-917 MHz band
  • Power: 5V/.5A
  • Optional Cables Included: 3 foot receiver cable and 10 foot dual headed emitter cable

Package Contents

  • 1 - BlastIR Wireless Pro Emitter
  • 1 - BlastIR Wireless Pro Receiver
  • 1 - IR Dual-Headed Emitter Cable
  • 1 - IR Receiver Cable
  • 2 - Power Adapter
  • 2 - USB Power Adapter Cable
  • 2 - 3M Adhesive Sticker
  • 2 - Airstick Microsuction Sticker
  • 1 - Quickstart Quide


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Most helpful reviews

Sewell IR blast wireless kit

Mmwwe - 9/4/2017 1:18:07 PM

4 found this review helpful

Pros: The eye and repeater units do their task reliably

Cons: 1. There is a delay in response time from the eye to the emitter. You get used to it, but frustrating at first. 2. The jack on the receiver for the eye is not a solid construction and keeps forcing the cable for the eye loose. I got so frustrated that I eliminated the eye entirely and taped the whole receiver module under my tv.

Other: Good price. A hell of a lot easier than hardwiring. The quality of the product could be stepped up a bit. I'd even pay more for a kit that functioned properly.

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Good producr

Mike - 8/31/2017 10:59:57 AM

3 found this review helpful

Pros: Works well and is low profile, neatens up the living area

Cons: Couldn't get it to work without using the sticky eye, took longer to set up than expected

Other: Now that I know how to use it better I like it better. It was difficult at first because the remote has to be pointed precisely at the eye.

Was this review helpful?

Color coding makes installation easy

- 9/6/2017 12:39:19 PM

2 found this review helpful

Pros: At first I felt overwhelmed (you'll be surprised how many cables a wireless product needs, but don't worry - it's just power and receiver/emitter eyes). The color coding helped me quickly figure out what went where.

Cons: None

Other: I really like how the power cables run off of USB. 2 power supplies are included in case you need to plug both sides in, but in my case the sender (or receiver depending on how you look at it - the thing by my TV that was grabbing the IR signals and sending them to my TiVo installed in a closet) could just plug in to the TV's USB port, which is really nice and cut down on a little cable clutter.

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Most recent reviews

Exactly What I Needed

OBTB - 8/10/2018 8:59:12 AM

Small size, large IR blast radius

Was this review helpful?


Fredieu - 8/3/2018 3:24:50 PM

Big range in a small package. Have used similar devices in the past, but this is by far the smallest and has the best range. Response is dependable and rapid. Thanks for a great product.

Was this review helpful?

Great Wireless Repeater

Paul - 7/23/2018 7:42:31 AM

Easy easy install. Very small (almost not noticeable). Most important, it works great. Transmit from kitchen (TV), to cable box in basement.

Was this review helpful?

Does as described

Tim - 7/16/2018 12:26:39 PM

Works exactly as described. Shipped fast.

Was this review helpful?

Highly recommended

Susie Q - 7/2/2018 4:16:18 PM

EASY EASY EASY to install for someone who is technologically stupid! Works perfectly. I impressed my husband by installing it when he wasn’t home. Wasn’t sure initially what to buy and the help on the site helped me big time.

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