Drift Light

Using Light To Naturally Improve Sleep

Sewell Part # SW-30435

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Why Sleep Matters

What happens while you sleep has a huge impact on your life. People who don’t get enough sleep have problems making decisions, solving problems, being productive, controlling their emotions, and coping with change. They are also at greater risk of major health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

What Happened to Sleep?

Before electric lighting, people’s lives revolved around the natural light cycle of the sun. The rise of electric lighting and electronics means we don’t have to depend on the sun for light, but this new lifestyle also means our bodies aren’t able to prepare for sleep like they used to.

How Drift Light Helps

The Drift Light has been designed to mimic a sunset by slowly dimming over 37 minutes. This gives your body that gradual shift from light to darkness and gives you the opportunity to engage in relaxing activities to help you feel sleepy.

The Drift Light can also be set to Moonlight Mode, which dims down to a nightlight mode. Moonlight mode gives off just enough light to keep you safe without using up an outlet, or for kids that need a little bit of light to sleep.

Light Temperature

A light bulb illustration

+ Problem

The bluer light emitted from electronics and some energy efficient bulbs is especially bad for sleep. Studies done at Harvard and the University of Toronto have shown that blue light suppresses melatonin (your body’s natural sleep agent) twice as much as other kinds of light.

+ Solution

The Drift Light helps solve this problem in two ways. First, it is designed to slowly dim over time to help promote relaxation and an increase in melatonin. It also uses a much warmer form of light than other bulbs. By reducing the amount of blue light emitted, which also increases melatonin and helps get you ready for sleep.

Sleep Routine

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+ Problem

Falling asleep is highly dependent on behavior. Any disruptions in your bedtime routine may lead to difficulty falling asleep. Our bodies don’t adjust well to abrupt changes. Having an easy transition from waking to sleeping helps prepare you for sleep.

+ Solution

The Drift Light has been designed to mimic a sunset by slowly dimming over 37 minutes. This gives your body that gradual shift from light to darkness and gives you the opportunity to engage in relaxing activities to help you feel sleepy.


An illustration of a hazardous broken bulb

+ Problem

During your nightly routine you probably go through the whole house and turn off all the lights, and risk stumbling over furniture on your way back to the bedroom.

Nightlights on your outlets are an unsightly compromise for safety.

+ Solution

The Drift™ Light’s Moonlight Mode can be activated during your bedtime routine, giving you plenty of time to get ready for bed.

Moonlight mode gives off just enough light to keep you safe without using up an outlet.

Kids Stay In Bed

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+ Problem

Routines are important to help anyone get to sleep. But for kids, routines are even more important. Even slightest of disruptions will throw off their sleep routines and cause them to wake up, and then come wake you up. Having an easy transition from waking to sleeping helps.

+ Solution

The Drift Bulb automaticaly dims over a period of 37 minutes, the same time as an average sunset,easing kids to sleep while keeping them from getting up and turning thelight off . For kids that need a little bit of light to sleep, the Drift Light can be set to Moonlight Mode, which dims down to a nightlight mode.


Drift Light's Features

Why the Drift?


How does light affect sleep?

Any kind of light, especially blue light, can suppress melatonin, which is a sleep promoting hormone. That means the more light we are exposed to as we get ready for bed can make it harder to fall asleep. Any immediate shifts from bright light to darkness can also make it harder to get to sleep.

How much energy savings compared to other bulbs?

This will vary depending on where you live and how often you use the bulb. Using the bulb 8 hours a day in the U.S. you will save an average of $11.28 per year, per bulb.

Why use 37 minutes as the dimming cycle time?

37 minutes is the average duration of a sunset. It gives your body the gradual shift from light to darkness that your body needs in order to prepare for sleep.

How often will I have to replace this bulb?

The Drift Light has an average lifespan of 30,000 hours. That’s over thirty times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Why is the Drift Light superior to regular lights?

The Drift Light has been specially designed to help promote a healthy sleep. Its auto-dimming feature helps your body have a gradual shift from light to darkness to help prepare you for sleep. It also has much less blue light, since blue light has been shown to suppress melatonin and make it harder to get to sleep.

What wattage incandescent does it replace and how many watts does it use?

The Drift Light replaces 40 Watt incandescent bulbs and uses only 7 Watts.


Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-30435


  • Saffron by Sewell

Daylight Mode

  • Normal switch operation
  • Full brightness: 550 lumens

Midnight Mode

  • Flip switch twice to activate
  • Fades to dark in 37 minutes

Moonlight Mode

  • Flip switch three times to activate
  • Fades to low in 37 minutes
  • Nightlight brightness: 20 lumens


  • Input Voltage:
  • 90V - 260V AC
  • Power Usage in Daylight Mode: 7 W
  • Power Usage in Moonlight mode: 0.4 W

Other Specifications

  • Color Temperature: 2700K
  • Working environment temperature: -20° ~ 50°
  • Storage conditions temperature: -40° ~ 80°
  • Working Relative Humidity(RH): 10% ~ 90%
  • Storage relative Humidity(RH): 10% ~ 95%
  • Connection: Standard E27 (Edison)


  • ETL Certified

Please Note

  • This bulb's special functionality does not work with dimmer switches


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Most helpful reviews

Love the Drift Light

archer - 9/7/2014 10:41:55 AM

4 found this review helpful

Pros: I love the Drift Light. My son has one in his room and my daughter has one in hers. My son leaves his on Moonlight Mode 24/7 (it's cheaper than turning it off and having it sunset every night so why not?) but my daughter loves the sunset every night (into Moonlight Mode) while she reads. Highly recommended.

Cons: If you accidentally turn it off at night and want to set it directly into moonlight mode you can't.


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Best light bulb in a kids room EVER

Anonymous - 10/21/2014 11:19:38 AM

3 found this review helpful

Pros: Both of my kids use Drift Lights. My 6-year-old leaves his in moonlight mode all the time (it is like a night light). My 4-year-old daughter sets the bulb to dim to moonlight mode every night. Another benefit of this bulb is that it doesn't get hot (6-year-old burned himself on his old incandescent bulb a few months ago).



Was this review helpful?

Hall light

dad - 10/24/2014 5:05:21 PM

1 found this review helpful

Pros: I use this as a hall light and it is great. We have to keep the hall light on outside the kids' bedrooms to deal with fear of the dark (especially the oldest--go figure) and so that they can find their way to the bathroom in the night. Of course they never turned it off in the morning either, so we basically had a lightbulb running 24/7 in that hall. I set the drift bulb to 'moonlight' mode at bedtime, so as they fall asleep it is plenty bright, but if they wake up later it is bright enough for them to see their way around, but not so bright that it wakes them up more.

Cons: My kids have caught on by now, and sometimes they'll reset the bulb to normal mode during the night, but it doesn't bother me much, it's pretty rare.

Other: Since it is an LED I don't mind if they leave it on all the time.

Was this review helpful?

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Most recent reviews

Love this light

- 6/26/2017 8:44:15 AM

Works exactly as advertised.

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- 4/23/2017 9:11:25 PM


Was this review helpful?

Does as it says

- 7/30/2016 3:05:18 AM

Warm glow, perfect for evening chilling in your room. The night light level is just nice

Was this review helpful?

Perfect for the chicken coop during winter

- 2/24/2016 4:38:18 AM

We only have artificial light during winter, so Drift Light is perfect for giving the chickens half an hour of "sunset" to finish eating and roost after we turn the lights out. Works also with 220 V. No remote, WiFi or app needed.

Was this review helpful?

Sleep training must

- 2/5/2016 12:16:37 PM

Solid construction

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Is this multivoltage? Will it work on 240 volt 50 Hz in Australia?


Yes it will.

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