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Thank you for stopping by. Unfortunately we are sold out of our very popular driftTV. This popularity has led us to develop a new version that has yet to be unveiled. Please check back while we work on this new and improved driftTV.

driftTV 2.0 Coming Soon

The Right Light at the Right Time

Light from our TV screens has been shown by doctors and professionals to ruin the quality of our sleep, affecting our health, productivity, and mood. The driftTV allows you to enjoy that relaxing TV show before bed and still get a good night's sleep!

  • With our custom algorithm, you can enjoy TV without the harmful side effects
  • Automatically adjust the light emissions of your TV over time with a seamless transition period
  • A simple and easy to use interface allows the driftTV to work according to your schedule
In-depth Harvard study on light from TVs

Smooth Transitions Over Time

The driftTV removes the harmful side effects of TV light from the content you watch on your TV. That way you can enjoy your movies and shows without having your sleep affected.

Our custom algorithm works for you. The driftTV gives you the option to set exactly how much it will work for you. For example, you can set your driftTV to 3500K and your TV will mimic that color temperature. It will transition from your normal daytime setting to the nighttime driftTV setting over a period of one hour. That way, the transition is seamless and virtually unnoticeable.

Smooth Transition

This transition will take place one hour before you wish to go to bed. So when your bedtime comes around, you will not lie awake at night yearning for the sweet embrace of the dream world. The driftTV will maintain its settings while you sleep. If you wake up in the middle of the night and turn on your TV, your sleep schedule will not be harmed by extra light. When it does come time to awake and arise, the driftTV will automatically begin to transition back to your normal daytime settings one hour before you get up.

Override When you Need it

Friends coming over? Planning a late night gaming session? Want to temporarily try out a different setting? The driftTV has an override feature that will allow you to temporarily bypass your normal schedule. Simply switch the driftTV to override mode and select the settings you want. The driftTV will then remain at that setting until you switch it back to auto mode.


Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-30681


  • Saffron by Sewell


  • Supports only 720p and 1080p resolutions (NOT 4k Compatible)
  • Custom algorithm to remove the harmful side effects of TV light
  • Customizable scheduling
  • Compatible with HDMI switches, splitters, and extenders
  • Works with Logitech Harmony remotes
  • Compatible with CEC
  • Color temperature range of 1200K to 6000K
  • Dimensions: 125x68x25mm

What's Included

  • driftTV
  • 5V 1A Power Supply
  • Manual
  • HDMI Cable

Package Contents

  • 1 - driftTV
  • 1 - 5V 1A Power Supply
  • 1 - Manual
  • 1 - HDMI Cable


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Most helpful reviews

Wouldnt work with PS4 Pro

Lyndsie - 2/28/2017 7:42:44 AM

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Cons: The entire reason I bought this item was to modulate the light from my PS4 Pro and the damn thing wont hook up. At this point its cheaper the resell it than to return it after shipping and customs


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Happy with the purchase, needs CEC support

- 2/13/2016 3:03:07 PM

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Pros: It works. Blue levels in the image are reduced on schedule. Seems well built, will probably last longer than the devices it's connected to.

Cons: - It interferes with CEC on the Apple TV - It prevents the Apple TV from determining what TV model you have for IR volume control - The color shift is fast, unlike f.lux it seems to happen very quickly right at the time you have configured to go to sleep - Configuring using the buttons on the device can be annoying. If you have a Logitech Harmony I strongly suggest configuring that first.

Other: Despite all of the cons, I'm still happy I purchased it. The basic functionality works perfectly, and I'd buy it again.

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Great Solution!

Mars Colony or Bust! - 1/18/2017 7:57:49 PM

1 found this review helpful

Pros: Works as advertised. Removes blue signal from the red-green-blue signal according to desired intensity. Life saver for sleep hygiene. Would definitely purchase again, and would recommend to others.

Cons: Somewhat limited in connectivity. Only HDMI connections are offered. Adding coaxial input/output connectivity would be nice. Especially circuitry that converts a coaxial input to an HDMI output.

Other: Function of driftTV is limited by the absence of an optional integrated TV-tuner. Most modern TVs come with an integrated digital TV-tuner, but sometimes the signal isn't being sent to a TV. The absence of coaxial connectivity meant that I had to buy a separate TV-tuner to convert the coaxial input to HDMI output before being able to connect the driftTV to a terrestrial-signal antenna commonly used for TVs. I'd definitely recommend including coaxial input to HDMI output circuitry in the next iteration of driftTV.

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Please Hurry on 4k Model!!

notbatman - 1/5/2018 4:14:50 PM

Super easy interface, and very simple, clean design. Noticeably sleepier in the evening and less "buzzy" feeling before bed. After reading all the science about blue light and sleep, I'd committed to not watching TV in the evenings. The driftTV box gave me the option to! Noticed a huge difference without the box once we bought the new AppleTV- the color is blinding at night. Gave the box my parents, and bought my boyfriend's parents the box and the switch for their cable and AppleTV. Everyone is really enjoying it.

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Works very well

- 11/8/2017 6:29:06 PM

Easy set up and use

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Wouldnt work with PS4 Pro

Lyndsie - 2/28/2017 7:42:44 AM

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Great Solution!

Mars Colony or Bust! - 1/18/2017 7:57:49 PM

Works as advertised. Removes blue signal from the red-green-blue signal according to desired intensity. Life saver for sleep hygiene. Would definitely purchase again, and would recommend to others.

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Great product

- 1/3/2017 2:56:17 AM

Easy to setup Set it and forget it Comes with hdmi cable Does exactly what I need

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Driver Download

Firmware update v1.5 - Update to the color formula, added the option to switch modes by holding the up button while the menu is closed, changed the "No signal" popup to move around the screen to prevent burn-in, and minor compatibility and bug fixes.