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MOS | Reach+

The MOS reach+ is the power extension solution for stationary charging. The Reach+ extends one power outlet up and away from the wall right to where you need it with 5ft. of cable extension. The Reach+ also provides two extra USB ports capable of charging almost any device.

Reach Version 2

Mounting Options

Mounting the Reach+ is easy, and there are two options, one that's temporary and one that's more permanent but removeable. For mounting option that's temporary we include our Airstick™ Microsuction which uses microscopic suction bubbles to keep the Reach+ firmly in place without leaving a residue when you remove it. For a more permanent fix, the Reach+ comes with command strips that can stick to any clean surface for life, or can be easily removed with the pull-strap without leaving any residue.

Reach Version 1

Slim Plug & TPE Cable

The plug is slim fit to go behind any gap. The cord is made of flexible TPE that doesn’t tangle and is just long enough to sit on your desk or table, but short enough to stay hidden. The sides of the Reach’s power head provide added organization with powerful magnets capable of taming any cable mess. Get power wherever you need it with the MOS Reach+.


How the Reach was born

This was our original kickstarter campaign video, and the units we show were some of our earliest working prototypes. Since that time, we have improved many details on the MOS Reach. One example is that we changed the power cord's connector to be at 45° from the cable instead of the 90° to give you more options to use it either on the bottom or the top of the power outlet depending on where the Reach is going to be mounted.


Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-30517-5B


  • MOS™ by Sewell


  • Length: 5 ft
  • Color: Black
  • Jacket Material: TPE
  • Total USB Charging: 3.1A
  • AC Power: 80 VAC - 240 VAC
  • Mounting: Airstick Microsuction or Command Strips (both included)

Package Contents

  • 2 - Airstick Microsuction White


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perfect nightstand accessory

mww - 7/8/2015 3:32:37 PM

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Pros: I have one of these by my bedside and it is great to keep my phone and tablet topped off.


Other: Now I just need a gadget that reminds my kids to bring the tablet back when they run down the battery :)

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perfect nightstand accessory

mww - 7/8/2015 3:32:37 PM

I have one of these by my bedside and it is great to keep my phone and tablet topped off.

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