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CAT5 Diagram
At a glance:
1000 ft.(marked every foot)
High Copper Content CCA
24 AWG Solid Conductor
PVC Jacket

All the Advantages of Copper for Less

CCA cable delivers all of the performance benefits of copper, while maintaining a much more affordable price tag. CCA is made by bonding a layer of pure copper onto an aluminum core. CCA delivers virtually the same conductivity as Pure copper with only slightly higher resistance due to the "Skin Effect"

Easy Pull and no Tangles

With help from our customer's feedback we've managed to perfect the pull-box so that you can grab one end and sprint to the end of your cable run without snags or tangles. We've also beefed up the jacket from past models to ensure its integrity no matter what your install style is.

Testing and Quality

Getting high-quality bulk cable can be tricky these days, so check out our comprehensive Fluke tests and standards with technical specifications in this PDF pdf.

How to choose Network cable

How to Terminate Cat5e

Ir Guide


Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-22343


  • SolidRun™ by Sewell


  • 1000 ft (302m) of unshielded UTP Cat-5e CCA cable
  • Spool box provides easy deployment
  • Connector free for full customization
  • Can be wired for patch or crossover
  • BASE1000-T compliant
  • Solid Wire for easy punch down and termination
  • Orange Color
  • 24 AWG


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decent no compaints

IT Guru - 12/28/2009 10:07:47 AM

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Pros: easy to pull, works aswell as cat5 should. easy to cut and crimp.



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Best Cat5

Anonymous - 12/4/2009 11:22:52 AM

1 found this review helpful

Pros: Superb wire. The pairs separate easily, the outer jacket strips nice & it feeds well from the box. To date, it's the best wire I've used. Many times better than Genesis!

Cons: It's a minor con, but it's the only thing I've found I wish were a little different. I wish there were more strength around the place where you pick the box up. It's recycled cardboard & doesn't hold up well under the weight of a full box if you're not a little gentle with it. Once the box is half used, it's no problem. Like I say...a minor gripe that I fix right when I get it with a few strips of box tape to help reinforce it. If you do that, it's as tough as the best.

Other: Buy this wire...you will be very pleased!!!

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- 3/8/2018 7:38:48 PM

0 found this review helpful

Pros: Great price quick delivery.

Cons: NONE


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- 3/8/2018 7:38:48 PM

Great price quick delivery.

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As advertised

Anonymous - 4/17/2012 3:41:10 PM


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Great Price, great cable.

JL - 11/18/2010 12:29:33 PM

The cable is in great condition, we haven't hit any snags or twists while running it. We have used about 3/4's of the box. The biggest pro is the price!

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Cat5e Sewell

Chuck S - 3/16/2010 2:17:28 PM

This Cable Is awesome! Easy to pull from the pull-box, I've pulled four runs of 80+ feet so far and all have stood the test of traveling through bends in the pipes I ran them through. I love the Orange cable I selected, and thus far all lines run have operated at 100mbps. The metal conductor is solid and not stranded wire. Price is excellent for a NON professional like me! I've run lines in my home as well as my friends home.

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decent no compaints

IT Guru - 12/28/2009 10:07:47 AM

easy to pull, works aswell as cat5 should. easy to cut and crimp.

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Is this cable stranded or solid? Thanks!



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